Loveless Marriage

How did I miss this?

Nine years have lapsed since the death of former Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat, and his widow revealed that she attempted to divorce him over 100 times, but that he prevented her from doing so.

“I loved Arafat, but the marriage to him was a big mistake on my part,” said Suha Arafat to the Sabah Turkish newspaper.

“I know there were a lot of women that wanted to marry Arafat. However, it was my fate,” said 49-year-old Suha who married Arafat in 1990 when she was 27, and he, 61.

“I was engaged to a French attorney and then I met Arafat. I secretly married him in Tunisia, I didn’t even wear a wedding dress then. My mother was against the marriage and later, I understood why. Had I known what I would endure, I clearly wouldn’t have married him. True, he was a huge leader, but I was lonely,” said Suha.

She revealed that in their 14 years of matrimony, until his 2004 death, she tried leaving him time and again – but to no avail. “I tried to leave him hundreds of times, but he wouldn’t let me.”

“Everyone knows how he wouldn’t permit me to leave. Especially those in his servitude, they know very well what it was like,” she added.

I’m sorry, but isn’t that odd? I was going to say weird, but I don’t want to sound judgmental. I think people should be with whom they love. And if Arafat (Yasser) wanted to be with virile young men named Abu Jihad (as he did by many reports), why shouldn’t he be?

Suha knew pretty quickly there was no room for her in the virtual conga line of Chippendales boogieing in and out of the Chairman’s bedroom. No amount of money can make up for that indignity, and to learn that she’s scraping by (in Malta) on a meager PA stipend breaks one’s heart.

She’s lucky she stayed away from him. Polonium (and other fatal infections) is communicable.

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