The World’s Smallest Violin

Austerity is killing government jobs.

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The federal government, the nation’s largest consumer and investor, is cutting back at a pace exceeded in the last half-century only by the military demobilizations after the Vietnam War and the cold war.
And the turn toward austerity is set to accelerate on Friday if the mandatory federal spending cuts known as sequestration start to take effect as scheduled. Those cuts would join an earlier round of deficit reduction measures passed in 2011 and the wind-down of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that already have reduced the federal government’s contribution to the nation’s gross domestic product by almost 7 percent in the last two years.
The cuts may be felt more deeply because state and local governments — which expanded rapidly during earlier rounds of federal reductions in the 1970s and the 1990s, offsetting much of the impact — have also been cutting back.
Federal, state and local governments now employ 500,000 fewer workers than they did on the eve of the recession in 2007, the longest and deepest decline in total government employment since the aftermath of World War II.
Total government spending continues to increase, but those broader figures include benefit programs like Social Security. Government purchases and investments expand the nation’s economy, just as private sector transactions do, while benefit programs move money from one group of people to another without directly expanding economic activity.

My heart is just breaking; this is tragic. I think I need a drink. (But think of this guys, maybe in addition to hurting poor people, people of color, young people, seniors, anyone who goes to a doctor, Obama is also hurting his loyal fans: Government Hacks.) Maybe it should be a celebratory drink?

- Aggie

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  1. Bloodthirsty Liberal said,

    February 27, 2013 @ 9:39 am

    I’ll drink too, Aggie, but make sure the hacks are buying. Who knows better than they how to swap their newly minted EBT cards for cash? Make mine a Wild Turkey, my good man, a double. And don’t bother with a glass.

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