Another Painful Sequster Cut!

We were supposed to mark the 100th birthday of Civil Rights pioneer, Rosa Parks. But with the crippling cuts forced down our throats by those heartless, racist Republicans, her statue has been melted for scrap. Oh, the humanity!

What’s that?

U.S. President Barack Obama (2nd R) reaches out to touch the statue of Rosa Parks during its unveiling in the U.S. Capitol in Washington February 27, 2013. With Obama are Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (L), House Speaker John Boehner (2nd R) and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi.

Hint to Reuters: Both Obama and Boehner can’t both be 2nd R. Though I do confuse Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi all the time.

It’s good to know we have our priorities straight. We don’t have enough money to keep criminal aliens locked up, but we can hold bogus unveilings for late American heros (she died 7 1/2 years ago). I don’t dispute Parks deserves a statue; I do dispute the timing.

But then it just proves my point that everything Obama is doing is political, so I suppose I should welcome it.

But are you telling me this event cost nothing?


  1. Dave said,

    March 3, 2013 @ 1:21 pm

    Michelle: Barack honey….we owe $163,00 on our credit cards. We need to cut back…maybe stop going to Ruth Chris every night for dinner? I figure if we cut 3 cents on every dollar,,,we can pay off these cards in 40-50 years!
    Barack: 3 cents on each dollar….thats tough. And I need my daily protein.
    Michelle: Think honey…I know you are brilliant.
    Barack: I got it!!!! We’ll turn off the heat and water.

  2. melva kettering said,

    March 3, 2013 @ 1:25 pm

    You are liars. Republicians want to kill all of us Democrats. Republicians lead this sequester and billed it. It is their design to hurt President Obama.
    The Republicans have had CONSTIPATION for over 6 years. Not working just trying to bring death to all Democrats. You should be ashamed of yourelves. Looking at Lincoln who devastaded the people of color in our nation. Every other country in the world,with slavery, ended it peacefully with Reparation. There was no law allowing Mr. Lincoln to emacipate anyone. Our slaves ended up without food, shoes, a roof over their heads, or any land to “live on”. Helpless, uneducated and without represetation. There was also no law to prevent any state to separate from the Uniion. Taxation without representation. The Library of Congress has plenty of hand written notes from Lincoln RE:using negros to fight the south.You are nuts and want my pot to cook my goose in, just like communist.

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