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It’s not as big a story as the 1,200 deaths in Mid-Staffs, but it’s got drugs to make up for it:

The nurse cleared of involvement in poisoning patients at Stepping Hill Hospital has claimed that staff took painkillers home to use ‘in case of emergencies’ during their holidays.

Rebecca Leighton, 29, spent six weeks in prison in 2011 as police investigated the deaths of men and women whose saline drips had been contaminated with insulin at the hospital in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

She was released when prosecutors decided that there was not enough evidence against her.

But Miss Leighton was sacked from Stepping Hill for theft after detectives investigating the deaths found packets of painkillers and opiate-based drugs at her home.

A total of 22 people suffered hypoglycaemic episodes after saline drips were allegedly sabotaged with insulin between June and July 2011 at Stepping Hill.

Eight of those victims – all of whom were being treated on acute care wards for seriously ill patients – died.

A second nurse who worked on the same wards, Victorino Chua, was later questioned over three of the deaths and 18 counts of causing grievous bodily harm as well as tampering with medical records.

Mr Chua was given bail and not charged over any of the poisonings.

So, the killer is still out there? A serial poisoner is at large? Spooky.

Then, no wonder:

Every part of the National Health Service is being put out to tender by private firms.

The massive step towards full privatisation of the NHS is being made in regulations neaked out earlier this month – exposed by the Daily Mirror today.

The new rules impose “compulsory competitive markets” on the entire health service.

Well, we’ll see what that means. But could things possibly be any worse for British health care?

PS: I read that NHS whistleblowers are being paid to keep quiet in Britain. I have my price, Mr. President. Make me an offer.

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  1. Bloodthirsty Liberal said,

    February 25, 2013 @ 5:02 pm

    I am absolutely horrified that they were putting insulin into the saline drip. How can this be an accident? I hate to use the “M” word, but it sure sounds like a murder investigation would be appropriate.

    - Aggie

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