Obomber: Drone Stikes Up, Way Up

Was there ever a President who enjoyed war as much as Barack Obama? And how ’bout his base? They just can’t get enough of the drone strikes.

KABUL, Afghanistan — One morning recently, a teenager named Bacha Zarina was collecting firewood on her family’s farm in eastern Afghanistan. About 30 yards away, as relatives recall, two Taliban commanders stood outside a house.

A missile screamed down from the sky, killing the two men instantly. Two chunks of shrapnel flew at Bacha Zarina and lodged in her left side.

Her family took her to the nearest hospital, a half-hour drive away, but she died en route, an accidental victim of the rapidly escalating U.S.-led campaign of drone strikes in Afghanistan. She was 14 or 15 years old.

Score! The Democrat War On Women continues! Obomber is winning!!

The U.S. military launched 506 strikes from unmanned aircraft in Afghanistan last year, according to Pentagon data, a 72 percent increase from 2011 and a sign that U.S. commanders may begin to rely more heavily on remote-controlled air power to kill Taliban insurgents as they reduce the number of troops on the ground.

Though drone strikes represented a fraction of all U.S. air attacks in Afghanistan last year, their use is rising even as American troops have pulled back from ground and air operations and pushed Afghan soldiers and police into the lead. In 2011, drone strikes accounted for 5 percent of U.S. air attacks in Afghanistan; in 2012, the figure rose to 12 percent.

It’s a double!! Obomber is so hot. He’s a killing machine. USA! USA! USA!

Do I sound bitter? It’s because I recall absolutely vicious criticism leveled at Israel when they used drones to take out leadership of the suicide terror network – not the flunky soldiers, but the leaders. Where are the outraged voices of academia, the news media, the UN, other world leaders? Where are the cartoons of a naked Obama devouring dead Afghan babies (like the Chris Brown cartoon that won that best political cartoon award in Britain, showing Ariel Sharon doing just that). I want to see that cartoon and I want to honor the creator in Congress. America has become a civilian killing machine because America doesn’t want to sacrifice troops. And because America elected a democrat and they can kill with impunity. All well and good. But remember this next time you hear Israel accused of brutality.

– Aggie

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