NBC Infected by Vile Pestilence!

No, not David Axelrod, Chris Matthews, and Brian Williams (or not just).

The real thing!

Chances are, you know not to open that e-mail attachment from the “Nigerian prince” who wants to give you a hundred grand. But a hack of some NBC.com sites on Thursday proves you can accidentally download malware even when visiting a reputable website.

The hack, which affected NBC.com and related sites for “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and “Jay Leno’s Garage,” infected visitors to the compromised sites with the Citadel Trojan. The potent strain of malware is used for cyberespionage and to steal bank account information.

Infecting computers with malware when they navigate to a website is called a “drive-by download,” and cybersecurity experts say it’s a growing — and terrifying — attack technique. Users who are simply surfing the Web can unwittingly stumble upon a hacked website, which may look completely normal.

Wait, that sounds like NBC even when it’s uninfected. It looks perfectly normal (or as normal as those trolls can look), only to infect the unsuspecting with left-wing talking points and Obama Adulation Syndrome. (The first symptom of which is a thrill up the leg.)

Stay away, people! Stay far, far away!

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