Arab Spring, Nuclear Winter

Forecast: getting hotter… way hotter:

A year ago, Ibrahim Qobani was an idealistic 19-year-old revolutionary who sang about freedom.

Always dressed in a scarf and fingerless gloves woven with the colors of the Syrian rebel flag, Qobani worked with a team of pro-democracy activists in Syria’s northern Idlib province.

But today, Qobani appears much different in a series of YouTube videos.

Gone is the scarf with colors of the rebel flag. Instead of leading the chants, the young man stands in the crowd smiling as one man sings, “We destroyed America with a civilian plane, turned the World Trade Center into a pile of dirt. If you call me a terrorist, I say it’s an honor.”

Just youthful hijinks.

What could go wrong?

According to Syrian opposition sources, the Free Syrian Army has taken over a nuclear facility in Al-Kibar, the Al-Jazeera network reported.

The Al-Kibar facility was reportedly struck by Israel in 2007.

The rebels released a video, in which they are seen in a base storing missiles, most likely scud missiles.

Meanwhile, a source with Syria’s National Coalition said on Friday that the coalition will meet in Istanbul on March 2 to choose a prime minister to head a provisional government to operate in rebel-held areas of the country.

The date was set after a compromise was reached between a bloc in the coalition that includes the powerful Muslim Brotherhood and other members who favor speedy formation of a government, the source told Reuters at the end of a two-day meeting of the coalition in Cairo.

The Muslim Brotherhood…. Would that be the same organization that just denied us access to a suspect in the killing of four Americans in Benghazi?

What a coincidence!

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