RIP Freedom of the Press

Cause of death: Suicide.

As if media bias weren’t troublesome enough, the ascent of President Obama’s top strategist to a plum job at NBC creates an even bigger issue: that of the political establishment becoming the press. Where does it end?

In a way, the hiring of David Axelrod as “senior political analyst” providing commentary at NBC seems like a fool’s errand from a business standpoint.

After all, the White House senior adviser has pretty much been giving NBC and other big media outlets commentary for free during the Obama administration, if the slavish pro-Obama media bias, as well as secretive media-political collaborations such as the “JournoList” listserv are any indication.

But we doubt this is really about Axelrod’s “keen insights into the political process” or however the public relations department intends to market it.

It’s a payoff, a reward for past access, and a one-hand-washes-other act that marks the increasingly symbiotic relationship between the political establishment and the supposedly free and independent press.

Past presidential press secretaries such as Robert Gibbs and George Stephanopoulos have landed similar jobs, but Axelrod’s ascent takes it to a higher level.

Does Chris Matthews get maybe just a little thrill up his leg over this development? Maybe just a warm glow in his ankles?

To be fair, this just makes Axelrod NBC’s Karl Rove (may he choke on the title). Both took up with the media soon after leaving the White House, and both are still partisan operatives for their ideologies. But that’s the best you can say of Axelrod. The fact that there are more of him (Gibbs, Stephanopoulos, Carville, Mathews, Barnicle, Shipman, et al—all of whom worked for Democrats, or are married to one) than Roves, proves how hopelessly biased the media are.

Why didn’t they hire Baghdad Bob as their Middle East correspondent while they were at it? He’s more credible.


  1. MountainHome said,

    February 21, 2013 @ 1:42 pm

    The continual movement of Obama’s former staffers to the media section & Hollywood only confirms, at least to me, the marriage of conspiracy against the people.

  2. Buck O'Fama said,

    February 21, 2013 @ 3:26 pm

    Mountain has a point – Angelo Covilla has an article in online Forbes now: “As Country Club Republicans Link Up With The Democratic Ruling Class, Millions Of Voters Are Orphaned”

    “Yet modern Republican leaders, with the exception of the Reagan Administration, have been partners in the expansion of government, indeed in the growth of a government-based “ruling class.” They have relished that role despite their voters. Thus these leaders gradually solidified their choice to no longer represent what had been their constituency, but to openly adopt the identity of junior partners in that ruling class. By repeatedly passing bills that contradict the identity of Republican voters and of the majority of Republican elected representatives, the Republican leadership has made political orphans of millions of Americans. In short, at the outset of 2013 a substantial portion of America finds itself un-represented, while Republican leaders increasingly represent only themselves.”

    If you look at whom the media mushmouths make fun of, you’ll see who is part of the country club GOP and who is not.

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