But You Can Keep Your Testicles!*

[*Those of you what got 'em, that is.]

One consolation, barely, in this winter of discontent is the delight we take in seeing Obama’s ruinous policies going right up the pooper chutes of his most ardent supporters.

Care to join us? [Hat tip I Hate the Media]

Bay Area consumers could see health insurance rates rise by more than 20 percent under proposals being considered by state lawmakers to carry out the new federal health legislation, according to the state Insurance Department.

On Wednesday, Senate and Assembly health committees will consider various proposals to slice and dice the state into a number of regions and allow insurers to charge different rates in those areas. Health insurers currently create their own regions for rate-setting purposes, and the proposed changes could cause some rates to rise from their current levels.

Under a plan proposed by health committee leaders, the state could be divided into six regions: a Bay Area region; a “northern” group of counties starting with Monterey; the Central Valley; the southern coast including Santa Barbara and Ventura counties; Los Angeles County; and the southernmost parts of the state.

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones argued the Bay Area could see the highest increases in the state under a six-region plan because the area is dominated by large, expensive hospital systems.

“What those bills do is reduce the number of overall regions and change the boundaries of those regions in such a way that some individuals in the Bay Area will be hit with up to 23 percent rate increases,” Jones said.

San Francisco is 55.6% Democrat, 8.6% Republican. Marin County voted for Obama over Romney by more than three to one.


A little closer to home:

Teen employment in Massachusetts has plunged to its lowest level in 45 years as adults looking for any kind of work in a spotty recovery crowd young adults from the job market, according to a new report released Thursday.

Just 27 percent of teens held jobs last year, half the rate of decade ago when 54 percent found work, according to the report by the Youth Jobs Coalition, which represents more than 20 nonprofits that work with teens. That’s the lowest rate of employment for 16- to 19-year-olds in Massachusetts since 1968, when the Census Bureau began collecting such data.

The Massachusetts teen employment rate ranked 31st among states; even Michigan, one of the states hit hardest by the recession and joblessness, had a higher teen employment rate at 31 percent. “We are no longer a national leader in putting young adults to work,” the report said.

Massachusetts voted for Obama over Romney by 61% to 38%. I’ll bet 18 and 19 year olds supported him by an even greater proportion.

Heeheeheehee. Ain’t life grand? I mean, it sucks, but in a grand sort of way.

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