Hitler And Frankenstein Running For Office In India

Isn’t that cute?

This week’s local elections in India have brought into the spotlight an unusual practice left over from colonial days, according to AFP, with some of the candidates sporting somewhat distinctive names.

For Hitler and Frankenstein are apparently among the 343 political wannabes hoping snag one of 60 spots open on the state legislative assembly in Meghalaya.

History professor Sanjeeb Kakoty of the Indian Institute of Management in Shillong, the capital of the northeastern state of Meghalaya, told AFP that the outlandish names are a throwback to British colonial rule, and new parents often name their offspring at random, with little thought to the actual meaning of a word.

If the list of candidates is anything to go by, this is indeed the case; AFP says that joining Hitler and Frankenstein in the race are Boldness Billykid, Hilarious Pochen and Hopeful Bamon.

Adolf Lu Hitler-Marak told AFP that his parents had not been aware of his namesake’s bloody history and was adamant that aside from his mustache, he has nothing in common with the Nazi dictator.

This dude is running around with a Hitler mustache? Not much could be creepier. I have a relative who loves to travel to India and believes that they are simply naive. So they have a popular burger joint called Hitler, with all sorts of swastikas and military items used as decoration.. they don’t know any better. I think this is racism on my relative’s part. He’s saying that they are too dumb to know any history, but I’m pretty sure that a country as sophisticated as India today, and an owner that can put together a successful business plan, certainly understands. They apparently identify with genocidal lunatics.

- Aggie

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