Media Mad as Hell, Not Going to Take it Anymore!

Over Benghazi? Nope.

ObamaCare’s implosion? Uh-uh.

Economic malaise? Guess again.

An imperial presidency the likes of which we rid ourselves in 1776? Getting warmer.


The White House has prohibited media coverage of Obama’s weekend golf outing, prompting Fox News’ Ed Henry, who is the president of the White House Correspondents Association, to issue a statement saying, “a broad cross section of our members from print, radio, online and TV have today expressed extreme frustration to me about having absolutely no access to the President of the United States this entire weekend.”

To which the White House responded to by saying the press access granted Sunday was “entirely consistent with the press access offered for previous presidential golf outings.

But Henry maintains, “there is a very simple but important principle we will continue to fight for today and in the days ahead: transparency.”

It’s not much, and it’s telling that only a Fox News reporter is willing to put his name to it, but it’s a start.

To be fair, he’s got plenty to hide.

BTW, the clip above is from 2009, the first year of his presidency (when he truly did “suck”, as the photographer noted). Most accounts have him improving markedly. Doesn’t that mean golf was a new pursuit, not a long love of his life? That he took it up when he had whole golf courses and 747s at his disposal?

But there’s another reason Obama doesn’t want to be photographed:

Golf Digest reported that Obama spent eight hours with Harmon, during which he played 27 holes and hit balls in Harmon’s studio, and then managed to coordinate Sunday’s round with Woods. The report said the original plan called for Obama and Woods to play at Woods’ home club — The Medalist Golf Club, a half-hour away in Hobe Sound — but they eventually opted for the Floridian.

Woods departed after the first 18 holes, but Obama stayed on to play another nine, the report said.

If I read that correctly, he played 27 holes both days. At ten minutes a hole (it’s a foursome, remember) that’s four and a half hours just on the course. Add more for the practice, warm-up, “hydration” between rounds—he essentially spent all day at the golf course, hanging out with the word’s greatest player and the world’s greatest coach.

Is this a great country or what?

Of course, there may be another reason the president doesn’t want to be shown with Tiger:

But then, President Obama has been forgiving of his friends’ peccadillos (such as his buddy Bobby Titcomb [sic] solicitation bust).

Last detail: Obama and Tiger had two golf courses at their disposal. What were the preparations necessary to make that switch? How many people were inconvenienced? Meanwhile, Michelle and the girls are skiing in the Rockies.

God bless America!

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