Diversity=Social Justice=Antisemitism?

UW Madison has transformed its Diversity Office into an office of Social Justice (Thanks to Ann Althouse for this)

I stopped giving to leftist causes, including environmental stuff, save the children anti-poverty stuff, etc., a number of years ago, because they are all linked, and very often linked to genocidal Palestinian stuff. When I used to explain this, people poo-pooed it, saying that the causes were unrelated. Oh really?

As director of the Multicultural Student Center (MSC), Donte Hilliard brings both theoretical and practical experience to his work. Since Hilliard arrived on campus in 2009, he has led the MSC’s transformation, moving from a focus on cultural diversity to one of social justice.


“We’re building on the legacy of this campus,” says Hilliard. “A social justice approach is our interpretation of the Wisconsin Idea. If the borders of the campus are the borders of the state, or the world, the educational access that we get by being here in Wisconsin includes a responsibility to help transform our surroundings into more just, equitable places.”

Among its defined goals, the MSC aims to develop multi-issue (intersectional) literacy; reclaim the legacy of student-led movements; enhance students’ capacities to build sustainable coalitions, organizations and movements; and foster (or support) transformative leaders working towards an increasingly equitable and just society.

This innovative approach outlines the roles that each member of a community can play: building the capacities of those most affected by injustice, emphasizing the ways in which all individuals can serve as allies.

The center’s “Race And…” Symposium is one example of the MSC’s broader approach to the discussion of race. This annual event encourages dialogue and action around the intersection of racial identity and other social justice issues. This year’s symposium, to be held on Thursday and Friday, March 14-15, caps off a year of programming around the theme “Race & Place: Movement, Space, Land, and Power.”

I have a meeting and don’t have time to read this and see if they are also brining in anti-Israel stuff, but sooner or later they will. Israel may be 1/2 “people of color”, but Jews don’t seem to count. It’s ok to blow up busses and cafes, but let an olive grove burn to the ground and they’ll be hauled before the International Court of Persecution. Too bad. A lot of nice people have attended UW Madison, but the politics of this are creepy.

- Aggie

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