Can We Be Done Now?

Even Van Jones says he was a murdering scumbag. Van-bleeping-Jones!

So can we get over the hero worship?

[W]e should draw the line at suddenly giving an exalted place in our national discourse to the political rantings of a murderer.

Before he met his end, Dorner took the lives of several human beings and wounded a few more. One of those killed was a father of two. The law enforcement officers killed were simply doing their jobs, trying to keep us safe.

The families of the victims are still in shock and mourning. Think of their friends and relatives, who are still shocked and devastated. How much would it hurt them if they turned on the TV and heard, instead of tributes to those lost, pundits going on about a crazy man’s Facebook manifesto?

We should not be “using this occasion” to debate various theories of racial justice — not while the blood of the innocent is still fresh on the ground. Dorner’s actions have invalidated his notions of justice; killing innocent people is not the proper method to advance the cause of justice, period.

Furthermore, why should any of us participate in giving Dorner exactly what he wanted? We should not validate his quest for attention by discussing his political thinking, especially not while mourning families are planning funerals.

Oh, but we should! After all, wasn’t Dorner a terrorist? Didn’t he kill expressly for political motives? The Left loves that! That’s why they adopt the Palestinian Arab cause. The more they kill and maim the more just their cause.

The Left is fine with violence, including cold-blooded murder, if the perpetrator looks one way and victim looks another.

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