Calling Rachel Corrie!

Demolishing Arab homes—the insensitivity, the nerve, the outrage… the what?

Members of the Abu Amrah family in Gaza City demonstrated Tuesday in front of offices of the Palestinian Legislative Council protesting a decision by the Hamas-run government to demolish 75 houses belonging to the family in the al-Rimal neighborhood.

The government says it decided to demolish the houses because they were illegally built on public lands. The demolition is scheduled to be conducted Wednesday morning.

Can we watch?

“Demolition will take place Wednesday morning, and when our children come back from school, they will not know where to go because by the time they arrive, their houses will have disappeared. The only place they will have is the street in this cold winter time.”

Have it it, Lefties. Boycott Caterpillar, liken the government to Nazis, do what you do.

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