When President Obama goes to Israel, he should get out and about and see the sights:

According to the White House, President Barack H. Obama’s itinerary for his visit to Israel is still open. So, a group of activists have decided to suggest a destination to the President: Har (Mount) Kabir, in the center of the Shomron (Samaria).

While he’s there, however, he should beware of falling rocks:

Drivers through roads in Samaria are likely to come across a new road sign, one that they are unlikely to see on roads in other parts of Israel. The sign, designed by the Samaria Residents Council, warns drivers that they are in danger of being attacked by rocks and firebombs.

The sign has a drawing of an individual preparing to throw rocks, apparently at a passing vehicle. The sign’s text says “Warning, drive quickly, Arabs throw firebombs in this area.” The sign, says the Council, points out the immediate dangers faced by drivers in Samaria.

Of course, the president would know this if he read the Israeli papers. Or this blog.

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