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I know a woman who may or may not be my mother in law. She is self centered, rude, and just plain mean. She is also intelligent, capable, and witty. Her criticism of people, especially her own children, is astounding. Over the years as I have come to know and understand her more as a five year old child in a woman’s body. This has helped me to relate to her. She needs me to hear what she says and give her sympathy. When I choose a gift for her, it is one I can see a young girl loving and I know she will love it. Because of her circumstances, and maybe traumatic experience, her emotional development was stopped around this age and that’s who she is.

This is how I see liberals. The ones who are angry and see everything in terms of fair and unfair (which is almost all of them). They are a like an adolescent who is bullied, ignored, or is less talented than the other kids they are around. And because of their personal issues, most likely rooted in their home life, they can’t admire others. They can only feel envy and jealously. They did not have the power to right the wrongs then. They are spending their adult lives trying to get the attention of their parents or teachers to make everything fair. Should is one of their favorite words. “There should be a law.” “That should be illegal.”

So now we are battling the whole of them who seek to change all of society to meet their emotional needs. The government is the principal who can enforce their picture of how things should be. The principal will control our thoughts and actions to make them feel better. We need to stop fighting them as though they are rational adults because they aren’t. It’s always the grown ups against the children. We always have to clean up their messes and this time they may just burn the house down. We need to stop debating them and just take the matches away. We need to stop letting them define every issue and stop engaging in a conversation about the finer points of their ridiculous issue. It is not about whether we can keep our doctor if we like our doctor. It is the fact that nationalized health care is just a veiled power grab.

We have their rule book! We should use it. (Saul Alinsky) Even the Brady Bunch knew that when the other team gets your rule book you are in trouble.


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  1. Kimmi said,

    February 6, 2013 @ 12:10 pm


    I don’t think they are the kid that is bullied.

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