Why Can’t We Be More Like That Nice Continent Europe?

It’s a persistent refrain among liberals. They have socialized medicine in Europe, why can’t we? They have gun control in Europe, why can’t we? They boycott Israel in Europe, why can’t we?

Aggie and I argue against each suggestion on its individual demerits. We also argue for the American system on its own merits.

But we could settle the argument without any argument at all. You want Europe so bad, why don’t you live there?

G’ahead, they’re gathering in anticipation and hanging the bunting for you.

Tens of thousands of neo-Nazis rallied in Athens in support of Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party, in the movement’s largest demonstration of support since its rise to power in last June’s general election.

Men dressed in military uniforms, holding torches, donning swastikas and chanting anti-immigrant slogans, marched through central Athens in what was reportedly a memorial event paying tribute to the party’s “fallen soldiers,” The International Business Times reported.

“This is a day of remembrance. It’s a day to remember that Golden Dawn is here to stay. And so long as it does, there will be hope for the country,” Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kassidiaris told supporters.

Hundreds of riot police and security officials were deployed to the scene of the march, which took place near the prime minister’s office and the Turkish embassy in Athens, according to The Times.

I’ve been pretty dismissive of Golden Shower—Dawn, I mean (there I go again), but tens of thousands of antisemites and neo-Nazis deserve my attention if not my respect.

This is Europe, folks, where fascism was born and seemingly never dies.

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