How Many Jobs Will ObamaCare Create And How Many Will It Destroy?

We all know that the administration is hiring 16,000 new IRS agents to collect the new ObamaCare tax, but has anyone calculated how many jobs will disappear?

Here’s one small example of the loss of private sector jobs:

A medical company is blaming President Obama’s health care law for the layoffs of nearly 100 people.

Smith & Nephew says a 2.3 percent excise tax on medical devices in the “Obamacare” law caused the layoffs in the Memphis and Andover, Mass., offices.

“The nearly $30 billion tax on medical devices that took effect Jan. 1, 2013, has impacted a number of companies across the U.S.,” the company said in a statement to WHBQ-TV.

Joe Metzger, senior vice president of corporate communications for the company, tells the Memphis Business Journal that they were “not immune” to the tax burden.

“Unfortunately, and in order to absorb this cost burden into our business, this has meant less than 100 positions have been made redundant across various departmental functions in our Tennessee and Massachusetts sites,” Metzger told the Business Journal. “The company is providing the affected employees with a comprehensive severance package and outplacement support.”

The Business Journal reports that the company announced last February it would lay off 7 percent of its workforce worldwide.

OK, what’s a hundred compared to 16,000? Better still, the 16,000 will be government employees, aka democrat voters. The unfortunate aspect of all of this is that the medical device manufacturers have helped hundreds of thousands of people, and continue to refine and improve on their devices all the time. Everything from MRI machines to stents to insulin pumps… Not only will there be fewer employees, the designers and business people have fewer incentives to work in this field. They can use their considerable skills in other areas, places where they aren’t in the bull’s eye of the tax collector. Sucks for the patients, great for Washington, D.C.

- Aggie

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