Serving on Death Panels Americans Can’t Be Bothered to Serve On

Maybe they can park a flat-bed truck behind the Home Depot and fill the IPAB that way.

All of which would make him a natural fit for the Independent Payment Advisory Board, the new, 15-member panel that has the authority to reduce Medicare doctors’ reimbursements and pilot new ways to deliver high quality care for less. There’s just one tiny problem: Gruber has absolutely no interest in serving on the panel. “No way,” he says without pause. “Maybe if it was a part-time gig. But full time? I can’t see it.”

It’s not just Gruber. Obama’s former health policy advisers worry that other top health economists, those in hot demand in academia and in the industry, won’t be interested in a federal job where the compensation is low, the political controversy high and the ultimate payoff unclear.

“It is supposed to be 15 members, with limited salaries who can’t do any outside work,” says Peter Orszag, the former director of the Office of Budget and Management under Obama who was a key proponent of IPAB. “It will be challenging to find top 15 health-care experts are who would want that job.”

Sarah Palin’s available!

How many of these so-called health-care experts supported ObamaCare, do you guess? More or less all of them, right?

To paraphrase Nancy Pelosi, we had to pass the law to find out how FOS these so-called health-care experts were. Though many of us suspected.

For these people, Big Government is an end in itself. They don’t care how it comes to pass and what the consequences are, they just want it. And then they move on, presumably shielded from the effects.

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