Senator Mo

While that title might have applied to Barney Frank, we mean Mo Cowan.

Never heard of him? Neither have we:

Interim Senate pick William “Mo” Cowan today vowed his political career would be short — and ruled out all future plans to run for office — as he prepares to take over for U.S. Sen. John Kerry for the next five months.

“This is going to be a very short career,” said Cowan. “I am not running for office. I’m not a candidate for public service at any time today or in the future.”

Cowan, a close friend to Gov. Deval Patrick since he joined the administration in 2011, was Patrick’s chief of staff and before that chief legal counsel. He stayed on as an advisor to Patrick after he left his post last year.

Cowan is the first black senator to represent Massachusetts in more than 30 years, since Republican Sen. Edward Brooke held the seat.

“My mother told me days like today were possible,” said Cowan of his mother, a daughter of the segregated South who was home in North Carolina recovering from hip replacement surgery. “If you work hard, treat people with respect, there’s very little you cannot achieve in this great nation.”

Patrick called Cowan’s rise “an affirmation of the American dream.”

Huh? Keeping a seat warm is the affirmation of the American dream? Taking an interim appointment from your buddy is an accomplishment?

To be sure, Cowan’s achievements before entering history as a footnote are laudable, but serving in the Senate only long enough to find out where the men’s room is hardly counts.

Now, pi**ing off Barney Frank—that’s priceless. Well done, Governor. Congratulations, Mo.

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