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Britain has gotten rough treatment from us the last few days, from our linking to Caroline Glick’s farewell to the anti-Semitic Isle to our condemnation of the blood libel cartoon published by the Sunday Times (for which Rupert Murdoch apologized, I see).

So we’d like to give the British a chance to make amends, let bygones be bygones.

What say you, Nigel, friends?

A British Member of the European Parliament who compared Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews during the Holocaust has been formally censured for his remarks, The Jewish Chronicle (JC) reported.

British MEP David Ward said last Friday that he was “saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza.”

Ward, who came under fire from Jewish and non-Jewish organizations and officials, was told to meet with Liberal Democrat officials on Monday.

Following the meeting, Liberal Democrat MEP Alistair Carmichael sent a letter calling on Ward to “confirm the undertaking that you gave to me in our meeting that you will not again use the phrase ‘the Jews’ in this context”, according to the JC.

“I am strongly of the view that your use of the phrase ‘the Jews’ in this context was unacceptable and I formally censure you for that,” said Carmichael.

Ward responded by saying, “I confirm that I am prepared to give you the undertaking that you asked for in our meeting,” the newspaper reported.

Boy, they sure told him! Ouch! I haven’t heard language like that since the Holocaust itself!

And some people weren’t pleased:

A British Liberal Member of the European Parliment has accused his party leader of being “in Israel’s pocket” after the Liberal Democrat leadership condemned a party colleague for comparing Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians with the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews during the Holocaust.

Davies posted a message Saturday on his personal Twitter account saying, “Lib Dem leadership quite wrong to ‘reprimand’ David Ward. Makes Nick look like being in Israel’s pocket. In fact he is a fierce critic.”

Davies’ defense of Ward seems to follow his own expressed position from 2006.

“I visited Auschwitz last year and it is very difficult to understand why those whose history is one of such terrible oppression appear not to care that they have themselves become oppressors,” Davies said at the time.

Oh well, we tried. Years ago, Britain rid itself of rabies by quarantining incoming animals for weeks or months. Maybe we can do that in reverse. Quarantine the Brits until this contagion of Jew hatred burns itself out.

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  1. Buck O'Fama said,

    January 29, 2013 @ 5:17 pm

    Ummm, what exactly are these atrocities being inflicted by Israel that these people keep talking about? Are they talking about an Israeli version of Auschwitz or are they just hyper-ventilating about Israelis shooting back at people who shoot at them?

    The lefty loons used to hyperbolate about Pres. Bush being Hitler. The seldom-used but absolutely true comeback was, “Pal, if Bush really WERE Hitler, your bones would be burning in some oven right now.”

    If these people really have proof of these atrocities, let them show it. We have miles of film and first-person testimony that the Holocaust happened, no matter what Morsi the Clown and Ahm-in-a-dinner-jacket say. It shouldn’t be hard to provide it, these days…. Hell, Google even managed to find proof of the prison camps North Korea says doesn’t exist. Israel isn’t even an armed camp, so finding the proof should be a lot easier.

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