If Iran Had A Nuclear Bomb, Would It Be Used On Israel?


If Iran makes a nuclear bomb “it would definitely use it against Israel or against any other enemy state,” a former representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry said in an exclusive interview aired on Friday on Channel 2 television.

“The [Iranian] regime thinks that if it has several atom bombs, it will grant it an insurance policy,” Mohammed Razza Hidari said. “They believe that if [they have a nuclear weapon], the world would treat them the way it treats North Korea.”

He also warned that if Iran is allowed to stall for more time, “it will have the knowledge to make a nuclear bomb in less than a year.”

Hidari, who was stationed at the Tehran International Airport and supervised many of the incoming flights, told Channel 2′s Enrique Zimmerman that Venezuela provides uranium for Iran’s nuclear program.

“Venezuela buys weapons from criminals and sends them to Iran,” Hidari told Channel 2. “Among the things sent were, for example, uranium purchased from mob organizations and sent to the Islamic republic.”

Quick!! Someone call Hillary and Barry!!!

- Aggie

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