Hey, Remember Benghazi?

Clinton supposedly will testify tomorrow

Do you remember Benghazi or shall I dig into the deep, dark past to refresh your memory? The Benghazi terror attack happened on September 11, 2012. The President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, blamed a hapless Coptic Christian originally from Egypt, but living in California at the time. He had produced a “trailer” for a “movie” about Mohammed, and the footage was incomprehensible, but derisive, you could tell. So, the government of the United States of America had him arrested in the middle of the night, but in full view of television cameras, and tossed him in jail. He remains in jail.

Meanwhile, it became more and more obvious that the film had nothing to do with the attack, and that it was a September 11th attack. Oh yeah – did I mention that the media failed to cover it at all until September 12th? This is because it wouldn’t have helped President Obama’s reelection chances to point out that we’d suffered another September 11th attack.

Somehow the administration shut up the media and Congress. Hillary Clinton took an extended vacation to Jupiter, and when she returned, she had a headache. So finally, tomorrow, some of our elected representatives will get to ask her a few questions.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to be on Capitol Hill Wednesday, to give long-awaited testimony about State Department security and the attack that left four Americans dead in Benghazi, Libya.
Clinton, who had to postpone testimony because of health issues, is scheduled to appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at 9 a.m. and the House Foreign Affairs Committee at 2 p.m. Wednesday. She will be the only person giving testimony in the hearing called, “Terrorist Attack in Benghazi: The Secretary of State’s View.”
More than four months have passed since an act of terrorism killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Libya. Clinton was expected to testify about a report on security failures in Benghazi in December, but first a concussion and then a blood clot near her brain kept the out-going secretary of state away from Capitol Hill.
The report led to the firing of three State Department employees from their posts and one resignation because of ”systemic failures and leadership deficiencies at senior levels in securing the compound.” The departing staff are still on administrative leave, however, meaning they are still State department employees.

As you know by now, the US is a Banana Republic (The Banana Republic of the United States of America) and nothing that she says will matter. But it is kind of nice that she has decided to appear.

– Aggie

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