Talky Tina Lives!

Remember the creepy old Twilight Zone episode about the evil talking doll? (If you don’t, the Chucky movies will suffice.)

The Arabs do:

According to the latest Palestinian Authority libel against Israel, the IDF is distributing “booby-trapped toys” to Arab children. It was a take-off, said the Palestinian Media Watch organization, of an old libel, which claimed that the army was distributing “poison candies” to Arab children.

According to the PMW, the libels spread by the PA against Israel have their “seasons,” and the latest “style” in libeling is the story of the booby-trapped toys. In several interviews on PA television in recent days, PA government officials have said that IDF soldiers have spread the toys in areas where they conducted patrols or exercises, apparently in the hope that children will pick them up and get blown up.

Speaking in an interview on PA TV several weeks ago that was monitored by PMW, the head of a local council in the Jordan Valley described some of the remains of explosives left by the IDF in his town after IDF exercises. “Some of these items look like pens, and some look like toys, while others are in shapes that are attractive to children. They are trying to get the children to play with them or pick them up. This is proof that the Israeli Army is setting as its goal the harming of children and young people.”

There has been no uptick in recent weeks of reports from the PA of children injured by exploding toys or pens, Israeli officials said.

One Gaza newspaper report discussed a PA medical official who gathered dozens of pieces of candy that were unwrapped. He was wearing rubber gloves, but as he gathered the candy, the report said, “he saw that the gloves were melting, and he had trouble breathing, felt dizzy, and had a terrible headache and stomachache.” The report did not say whether or not he “recovered.”

Yeah, we can laugh now. But how are these blood libels different from the ones constantly reprinted in the press? The staged or Photoshopped pictures, the invented “war crimes”?

Besides, without ruses like this one, how would the Jews get Arab children’s blood for their matzohs? Think before you condemn.

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