Jew Hatred At The NY Times

Nothing like calling the people you cover “pig-like”

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof retweeted a message that called the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the National Rifle Association “the 2 most pig like lobbies” in America.

The message written Jan. 16 came from M.J. Rosenberg, a notorious critic of Israel, and came on the same day that the Times ran an editorial criticizing Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi for calling Jews “the descendants of apes and pigs,” the Free Beacon newspaper in Washington reported.

“OBAMA told the 2 most pig like lobbies, AIPAC & NRA, to drop dead in same month. Next: Chamber of Commerce,” read Rosenberg’s tweet, retweeted by Kristof and many others.

Kristof has not responded to the Free Beacon article, according to the newspaper.

Kristof has strongly criticized Israel in the past, reportedly blaming Israel for the stalled peace process, among other things. He also has written his own controversial tweets about Israel, Free Beacon reported.

Obviously, the NY Times is antisemitic and has demonstrably been since at least the 1930s. They failed to report the holocaust, although their own internal documents prove that they knew about it as it was unfolding and didn’t want to appear “too Jewish”. They didn’t accurately describe the majority of victims of the concentration camps as Jewish until 1950, five years after the war ended. Instead they listed nationality, as if people were there because they were Hungarian, rather than because they were Jewish. So the NY Times was and is a despicable organization.

- Aggie

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  1. mrzee said,

    January 18, 2013 @ 10:01 pm

    Haven’t read the Times since William Safire retired. It’s nice to see them slowly circling the drain.

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