Anonymous, Occupiers Not Loving Obama

I’m not the one comparing Obama to Hitler, Anonymous is the one comparing Obama to Hitler. And the CEO of Whole Foods, of course, bless him.

Why is this man smiling?

Hacktivist group Anonymous has now spoken out against President Barack Obama’s intentions to enact wider gun control in the U.S.

In a 15-minute YouTube video, which first appeared on the social network two weeks ago, Anonymous criticized the Obama administration’s leveraging of violent gun crime to achieve its goal to control guns.

“Throughout history, authoritarian governments have used gun violence as an excuse to take people’s firearms and control their population,” said Anonymous.

“This is exactly what Adolf Hitler did to disarm the German people and look at the atrocities his administration did. Obama has been working hard to try and ban all semi-automatic weapons and shot guns while at the same time increasing the weapons and firepower that police and government agencies have.”

We all know how vilified the National Rifle Association is in the eyes of the media and the liberal elite. But I would trust the NRA with my life before I’d trust Obama, Anonymous, and any mainstream media organ. In a way, I already do.

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  1. Buck O'Fama said,

    January 17, 2013 @ 4:13 pm

    Anonymous or not, I’m with them on this and so is history.

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