It’s Own Good

Prime Minister Netanyahu has essentially told President Obama to butt the [bleep] out when it comes to Israel’s own good. For which I salute him.

He might also cite the past year to bolster his case against the president’s evident ignorance:

In 2012, Israel suffered terror attacks on all fronts. Some made headline news around the world.

Most of the others you’ve probably never heard about. Here’s our rundown of the major terror attacks in 2012.

From February to March, the IDF thwarted a number of attacks on the Israel-Egypt border.

February 21: A joint IDF-Israel Police operation uncovered a powerful explosive device planted near Egypt. Two days later, IDF soldiers on a routine patrol identified suspicious activity on the border, where they discovered another large explosive device.

February 28: Suspected terrorists infiltrated Israel from Egypt. The suspects failed to heed IDF warnings to stop and fired on IDF soldiers. The IDF fired back, injuring one suspect, while the rest fled back across the border. A similar incident occurred on March 15.

March 9: The IAF targeted two members of the Popular Resistance Committee, a terrorist group in the Gaza Strip. The terrorists had been planning a combined terror attack that was to have taken place via Sinai.

June 18: Terrorists crossed the border from Egypt, killed an Israeli civilian and wounded two more. After infiltrating Israel, the terrorists detonated a roadside bomb, shot anti-tank rockets at two Israeli vehicles, and then opened fire on them with Kalashnikov assault rifles.

Said Pashpasha (36), father of four, was killed. Pashpasha and his colleagues were workers on the Israel-Egypt border fence, designed to protect Israelis from future cross-border attacks.On August 5, Israel Air Force aircraft targeted a Global Jihad-affiliated terrorist squad in the southern Gaza Strip, members of which were responsible for the June attack.

July 18: A suicide bomber exploded in a tour bus in Burgas, Bulgaria. He killed five Israelis and their Bulgarian bus driver, and wounded another 32 Israelis. “We got on the bus. There were a lot of people on it… suddenly someone got on there, and something exploded,” said passenger Gal Malka. “We heard a boom. And we actually saw body parts. We tried to escape. The door was closed. But there was a hole in the side, through which me and my friend escaped.”

American intelligence officials identified the bomber as a member of a local Hezbollah cell actively looking for Israeli targets.

And who, but Obama, could forget Operation Pillar of Defense?

This person’s loved ones won’t forget:

And then there’s the everyday, hum-drum sort of terror:

Everyday Terror

Terrorists carried out a number of major attacks against Israel in 2012. But they also targeted Israeli citizens in smaller attacks — just about every day.

Shootings, Rock Hurling and Firebombs

In 2012 in Judea and Samaria, Israelis were shot at 15 times, got caught in 4,731 incidents of rock hurling, and were the targets of 642 firebombs.

Rock-hurling and firebomb-throwing may seem less serious than shooting incidents — but they too have the potential to kill. In 2011, Asher Palmer and his infant son Yonatan were killed in a car crash due to rocks thrown at their vehicles.

Arab leaders like Morsi, Ahmadinejad, and Abbas talk genocidally about Israel. Their followers act accordingly. Someone really should get through to President Obama. I hate to have to be the one every time. For him to appear so ignorant or indifferent is hardly flattering.


  1. Buck O'Fama said,

    January 16, 2013 @ 1:57 pm

    Intellectually, Obama is Gilligan but instead of being a good-hearted, ernest schmuck, he is a self-righteous egomaniac who is basically one of the most powerful men in the world, for the next 4 years anyway. Think of it as if Gilligan and Cruella Deville spawned something. That comes close.

  2. Bloodthirsty Liberal said,

    January 16, 2013 @ 8:12 pm

    Buck is right, but Israel still needs to take care of herself. Obama can get away with being a dope – heck, America can make one dopey decision after another and it doesn’t matter because we are so strong. Israel is tiny and can’t make many mistakes. Most of them understand this.

    – Aggie

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