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So, no one disputes that Egyptian President and Muslim Brotherhood big brother, Mohamed Morsi, is a virulent antisemite, a Jew-hater of the first order.

We told you so 12 days ago.

What is in dispute is how you answer such unadulterated hatred. I like this way:

Dutch Jewish journalist Leon de Winter says he refuses to pay taxes to a government that supports the current Cairo government headed by President Mohamed Morsi.

Remarks made by the Muslim Brotherhood-backed president in a 2010 Arabic-language interview with Al-Quds television, recently translated into English, included the declaration that Jews are the “descendants of apes and pigs.” The vicious slur is among radical Islamist clerics, including those who broadcast virulent anti-Semitic sermons on Egyptian television. Video clips of the sermons are translated by MEMRI, the Middle East Research Media Institute, which monitors Arabic-language broadcasts.

In a recent editorial Winter bluntly labeled Morsi a “seasoned anti-Semite, the leader of a religious-political group that cannot be described as anything other than an Islamic-Fascist movement.”

He went on to write that Morsi is very clear when he speaks in Arabic to his own people, “and not [in English] with [U.S.] President [Barack] Obama on the phone.”

And I don’t like this way:

Question: Why is the White House only now, on January 15, responding to Morsi’s 2010 comments about confronting the “bloodsuckers” and “warmongers” in Israel? The video of those comments appeared fully 12 days ago and made a stir online. How come it took nearly two weeks for Carney to formulate a pro forma denunciation?

The answer: Because he and O were hoping American media would black this story out for them so that they wouldn’t have to address it publicly.

The New York Times rarely touches this stuff. In fact, a harshly critical mega-report about the newspaper’s Middle East coverage was recently released by the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA). The Times can’t be too happy about it. “The failure of the New York Times to cover the hate indoctrination leads the pack, in a way,” CAMERA’s head Andrea Levin told me yesterday. “The fact that they deem it to be so unimportant helps to lay down that news decision for others as well. And, to us, it’s one of the greatest derelictions in current news coverage of the conflict.”

MEMRI President Yigal Carmon has a theory:

“This is déjà vu,” he says about the lack of major press coverage of his Morsi material. “Well-meaning journalists have told me that exposing this kind of stuff is serving the enemies of peace. I think quite the contrary. You don’t serve peace by cover-ups. Only by exposure.”

Journalists are not to be tied to a post and set aflame for making a bad choice. No, they are to be burned at a succession of stakes for making any choice at all. Since when did journalism come down to selective exposure? To shaping the “news”, rather than reporting it?

You don’t have to answer that—it’s a question we pose here almost every day. I’m actually astonished anyone cares. They haven’t up till now.

And if you think Morsi is bad, you should see Israel’s “partner in peace”, Mahmoud Abbas:

The story that Araby’s leaders (and more than a few followers) are rabid antisemites is dog-bites-man. Yawn.

The story that the mainstream media seeks to repress the first story, with the gratitude of the American government, is… almost beyond description. That’s why we keep coming back to it here; because we still can’t get our heads around it.

All we know for sure is Walter Duranty would be proud.

PS: Living well is the best revenge:

The Housing and Construction Ministry issued tenders for some 200 new housing units in the West Bank on Wednesday, a day after a US columnist released comments allegedly made by US President Barack Obama in which the American leader harshly criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanayahu’s settlement policies.

According to Channel 2, the tenders are for 84 new housing units in Kiryat Arba near Hebron, and for an additional 114 tenders in the West Bank settlement of Efrat.

As we reported yesterday, Jewish Israelis are having more Jewish babies than the bloodless, lifeless rest of the (so-called) developed world. They have to live somewhere.They get to live in Israel, lucky them.

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