The Brothers Obama

You thought the Bushes were bad—meet the new dynasty!

Malik Obama, President Barack Obama’s half-brother, announced Sunday that he is seeking election to the governorship of Siaya, Kenya.

Barack’s older brother announced his candidacy as an independent candidate beholding to none of the establishment political parties in that African nation, which has experienced violence by Islamists against Christians.

In 2010, Malik was outed as a polygamist when he married a woman who was over 30 years his junior.

Although having two other wives, the 53-year-old Malik wed 19-year-old Sheila Anyango despite protests from the girl’s family.

Malik’s new mother-in-law Mary Aoko Ouma told the British media she is furious her daughter quit school to get married to the much older man.

They even sound alike!

“Siaya county is facing a lot of problems from poor infrastructure to poverty due to bad leadership,” said Malik Obama, who has the same father as President Obama. “I will change this if elected.”

Well, good luck, Malik. I know where you can put your first lawn sign:

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