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Can Massachusetts politics get more unseemly? (Less seemly?) Sure, if there’s a tomorrow.

Gov. Deval Patrick today fired back at ex-U.S. Rep. Barney Frank’s suggestion that it would be “petty” for the governor not to name Frank to the temporary Senate seat due to public pressure.

“Would that be a part of the public pressure?” the governor asked — adding a short laugh — at a press conference today. It’s clear he caught Frank’s comment in the National Journal today and isn’t enjoying it all.

“Guess what,” Patrick added. “I’m going to choose somebody and all the other people on my list will be mad.” He then suggested everyone jockeying for the soon-to-be vacant Senate seat — if U.S. Sen. John Kerry is named Secretary of State — “relax.”

Frank is quoted in the National Journal saying he has no regrets about letting Patrick know he wants the interim job and stands by going public with that fact. “I don’t think it’s going to hurt me,” Frank told the National Journal. “Why would it hurt me? The governor would have to be pretty petty.”

You would think that a magnanimous offer by a beloved figure to keep a safe Democratic chair warm would be gratefully received—unless none of that is true.


The offer is actually a demand, the magnanimity is actually ego, the belovedness is actually loathing (which is mutual), the gratitude is actually resentment—and the safe Democratic chair may well fall to a Republican.

What a pathetic display by such pathetic people. It takes someone of unrivaled pathetic skills like Barney Frank to make Deval Patrick look sympathetic. Frank is conducting this campaign in public because he knows Patrick hates him like poison. Not hard to understand why.

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