Possible Uranium Stockpile In Syria

Enough to make 5 atomic bombs

I gotta tell you folks, every day I am more impressed with the brilliance of the Obama foreign policy. What a bunch of nitwits.

Concern is heightening over the possible existence of up to 50 tons of enriched uranium in Syria, the Financial Times reported Tuesday, a stockpile large enough for the production of five atomic bombs.

To date, governments have largely focused on the fate of Syria’s chemical weapons, and preventing their seizure by Islamic militants spearheading the ongoing uprising against President Bashar Assad’s rule.

As the country descends deeper into a sectarian civil war, however, fears have grown over the possible existence, and security, of a stockpile of processed uranium inside Syria.

The worry stems from the Assad regime’s attempt to build a nuclear reactor in the eastern city of at Al-Kibar in the mid-2000s. With assistance from North Korea, Damascus is believed to have nearly completed the facility prior to its destruction in an alleged Israeli airstrike in 2007.

Get out!! I clearly recall the media’s dismissive attitude toward Israeli assertions that Syria was planning to build a nuclear weapon facility, and that the bombing of it was necessary. In fact, didn’t the US State Department term the action “unhelpful”? Didn’t the media declare it an act of aggression? I believe they did. How can they casually toss that out now?

David Albright, the head of the US-based Institute for Science and International Security think-tank, and a leading expert on the Iran’s nuclear program, was quoted by the Financial Times as saying that “There are real worries about what has happened to the uranium that Syria was planning to put into the Al-Kibar reactor shortly before the reactor was destroyed.

“There’s no question that, as Syria gets engulfed in civil war, the whereabouts of this uranium is worrying governments.”

Adding to the severity of the issue is the possibility that Iran, closely allied to the Syrian regime, might be trying to acquire the uranium.

No worries. Chuck Hagel is going to be Iran’s BFF. We’re going to appease Iran and all will be peachy-keen.

– Aggie

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