Not Down With the Struggle

Black Americans haven’t had it worse economically since the end of Jim Crow, yet this jerk sees fit to demonize a pro-growth Republican

Appearing on CNN Wednesday, the president of the NAACP slammed incoming black Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) as being a Republican who does not “believe in civil rights.”

When asked to evaluate the incoming class of congresspeople, including a diverse group of women, Hispanics, blacks, and Asians, Ben Jealous took the opportunity to bring up that Sen. Scott has an “F” score with the NAACP’s annual report card.

“We have Republicans who believe in civil rights — unfortunately he is not one of them. And unfortunately his party, as you know, has really gone after so-called RINOs, as they call them, these Republicans who believe in civil rights, again and again.”

Jealous hopes that the Republicans can return to the “party of Arlen Specter”. Oh, dear God, I’d rather it be the party of Phil Spector.

As Jesse Jackson said of Barack Obama… well, let him say it:

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