Lighten Up, Francis Fukuyama

Oh, come on, Asians. Why you no think this funny? You rack sense of humol?

The maker of a Google app thinks it’s fun to make yourself look Asian by changing the shape of your eyes and wearing a Fu Manchu mustache and rice paddy hat.

Another app – “Make Me Indian” – makes you a Native American with brown skin, war paint and a feather headband.

“This is just a fun app (that) lets you indulge you and your friends,” says the description of the “Make Me Asian” app created by user KimberyDeiss and available on Google Play.

“You can for a few seconds to make (yourself) a Chinese, Japanese, Korean or any other Asians,” the description says.

Not amusing or cute, say Asian-American organizations that launched a petition to get Google to remove both apps.

“These racist and offensive portrayals of Asians and Native Americans perpetuate damaging racial stereotypes and should not be distributed on the Google play store,” said the campaign, which has an online petition to remove the apps.

Again I say, what’s the big deal? I’m sure if they made a “Make Me Black” app (complete with drumstick and 40 ounces of malt liquor), or a “Make Me Hispanic” app (a fake driver’s license and a .23 reading on a breathalyzer), no one would have a problem.

Just to prove there’s nothing wrong with this app, I submit my own visage for reinterpretation.

That’s not funny!

I demand Google withdraw this racist and offensive portrayal!

PS: You know me. I can’t resist this one:

Peace of [bleep] doesn’t even work. That ain’t no Indian.

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