Boom Time in Gaza

In every sense of the word:

The Hamas government, headed by Ismail Haniyeh, presented figures last week summarizing the damage suffered by the Gaza Strip during the eight days of Operation Pillar of Defense.

According to the Palestinians, the accumulated damage from the fighting totaled $1.2 billion ($500 million in direct damage and $700 million in indirect damage), including physical damage, casualties, destroyed infrastructure, etc.


It appears, however, that not all sectors in the Strip have suffered following the operation: Gaza sources are reporting of a tourism boom that has not been seen in years and high occupancy rates in local hotels.

According to the sources, as many as 130 solidarity delegations from Arab and Islamic countries have arrived in Gaza in the past month, boosting the local tourist sector.

Hamas’ foreign ministry estimates that some 5,000 visitors have arrived in the Strip as part of these delegations.

Gaza is a terrorism theme park. Individuals and families gather from far and wide across the Islamic world to sample the fruits of an outlaw terrorist state.

What they find is a theme park of a different sort:

Hey, Obamas! Who needs Hawaii when you can spend quality time in Khan Yunis?

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