The Effort To Silence People Who Question The Hillary Clinton Blood Clot Story

Constitutional Law Professor Ann Althouse has some choice words for those who try to intimidate people who question the narrative

And, by the way, I’ve gotten some pushback in email and on the web, saying that it was “shameful” and “appalling” for me to tie Clinton’s health problems to a possible intent to avoid testifying about Benghazi. Let me tell you that a core motivation to my blogging — and I’ve been going at this for 9 years now — is to stand tough against people who try to cut off debate with this kind of shaming. So I’m glad that this performance of outrage was directed at me. I know it when I see it, and it fires me up. You want silence? You want backing down? You want me not to dare say a thing like that? That’s how you want to control political debate in the United States? Thanks for reminding me once again how deeply I hate that and for giving me an (easy) opportunity to model courage for the more timid people out there who are cowed by the fear of shaming.

ADDED: Here’s something I would dearly love to do with this blog: I want to make it so that emotive, intimidating outrage like that backfires. I want people to learn that they can’t get away with empty assertions like “I am aghast” or “You are despicable.” You have to give reasons for what you think. Even if you really feel those feelings. And, of course, many of these hack writers don’t actually feel the feelings they scribble about. They just don’t want to have to talk about the actual issue. They want to make it something that everyone feels they’d better not talk about. But that should be a loud signal: We need to talk about it!

And let’s get back to basics: What we need to talk about is Benghazi.

Go to the link and read the whole post. I completely agree with her on this one. But what frightens me even more than the bullies who try to shut us up is the media which is simply ignoring the Benghazi incident and now the peculiarities of Clinton’s failure to answer questions. I get why individual bullies are on the internet doing what they do best, but where is “the profession of journalism”?

– Aggie

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  1. Buck O'Fama said,

    January 1, 2013 @ 10:16 pm

    “Journalism” (or the more accurate spelling, “journ0lism”) is just propaganda with a deceptive name. We need to bring back “reporters.”

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