My Wish for the New Year

I wish for an end to hunger and want, for peace in the Middle East, and for the House Republicans to grow a pair and shove this Senate compromise right up Harry Reid’s hairy backside.

Okay, I’ll be more realistic: just the end to hunger and peace, please. The rest is too much to hope for.

Or is it?

4:46 p.m. ET – House GOP members expressed sharp discontent Tuesday over the Senate bill, saying the measure lacks spending cuts and adds to the federal debt.

“I know the president won his election but I also won my election,” Rep. Spencer Bachus of Alabama told reporters on Capitol Hill. “If we are going to increase taxes, we need to cut spending and this package doesn’t do that.”

Meanwhile, Rep. John Fleming of Louisiana said the bill raises “taxes to give the president more money to spend. We think that’s a bad idea.”

Others discredited the Senate bill based on the chamber’s late-hour voting time of 2 a.m. ET.

“I know it was way past those senators’ bedtime and they were bleary eyed when they were reading it, so we are trying to fill in the gaps where they may have missed a few things,” said Rep. Jack Kingston of Georgia.

I want chaos, riot and mayhem, mass hysteria, fornication in the street—oh wait, that was the Occupy Movement. I’ll settle for rogue Republicans in the House telling the President and the Democrats to stick their fiscal cliff up their fecal chutes.

The poor can go hungry for another day. It won’t kill ‘em. I hope.

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