Fart Power

Childish, I know, but childishness is appropriate in this case.

Now that Egypt has held its latest “elections”, and “overwhelmingly” “approved” its “constitution”, things can get back to “normal”, right?

Pretty much:

A judge is to investigate Mohammed El-Baradei, the ex-head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, along with the former foreign minister and Arab League chairman, Amr Moussa, and Hamdeen Sabahi, a former presidential candidate, over accusations that they campaigned to unseat Mr Morsi during a recent outbreak of unrest.

The announcement by the new chief prosecutor, Taalat Ibrahim Abdallah, who was appointed by Mr Morsi last month, will heighten concerns that the president and his Muslim Brotherhood backers intend to scapegoat political opponents.

It comes two days after a controversial new constitution – denounced by the secularist opposition as a route to sharia law and discriminatory against minorities and women – was officially declared to have been approved in a referendum.

I don’t really have a lot to add, except to say tee-hee. And ha-ha-ha. Oh yes, and snort.

Good thing John Kerry is coming along to save the day. Chortle.

With Hillary’s departure, the era of Smart Power is over. The new era might be called Herbal Essences Power.

The old era of American foreign policy might have been summed up as supporting “our sons of bitches”. The Obama Doctrine, such as there is one, seems to be nothing more than replacing our SOBs with theirs.

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  1. Bloodthirsty Liberal said,

    December 28, 2012 @ 1:37 pm

    As much as I might dislike Mohammed El-Baradei’s IAEA inaction, I deplore what is happening to him. It is occurring because the government of the United States is so damn stupid. If the government of Costa Rica is stupid, it hurts Costa Ricans. When we are ignorant and blind, when we support terrorists, we hurt the citizens of the country we are ostensibly trying to help. And of course, ourselves, because the Muslim Brotherhood is a vile terrorist organization and we don’t know that they will limit their actions to Egypt.

    – Aggie

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