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You don’t need me to tell you things are bad in Syria. Of course, the official policy of Bloodthirstan is to stand behind the “Reformer”, Boy Assad, and his lovely First Lady, Asma. If they’re good enough for our current and future Secretaries of State, they’re good enough for me.

But one thing that doesn’t make sense to me is this:

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is asking the UN to take the first step towards flooding Israel with foreign Arabs by suggesting Syrian “refugees” move to the PA.

Abbas’ request to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, was reported by the official Palestinian Authority website Wednesday.

His latest diplomatic ploy could place Israel again in the role of “bad man.” Abbas asked Ban “to help the Palestinian refugees in Syria, who are suffering from the bloody conflict there, to return to live in the Palestinian Territory.”

The PA’s WAFA website said that there are 450,000 “Palestinian refugees” in Syria in 10 villages. The largest is Yarmouk, where Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces attacked in the past week and killed more than two dozen people. Like other “refugee camps,” terrorists have established a powerful position in Yarmouk.

If Israel were to balk at allowing them to cross from Syria, the international community would likely accuse the government of being cold-hearted.

Abbas’ actual intentions more likely are using the Syrian Arab refugees as a the first wedge in long-standing demand that more than 5 million foreign Arabs be allowed into all of Israel and not just in Gaza, Judea and Samaria.

I had to check a map to confirm my suspicions (see above). No part of Syria borders any Palestinian (so called) Arab land—unless you count Jordan, as I do.

Syrian refugees can move (or have moved) to other Arab/Muslim lands, such as Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, even Turkey. To get to (so-called) PA territory, they’d have to traverse these countries, even Israel.

So, it’s not about the refugees. It’s about wiping out Israel, as ever, by any means necessary. With the UN’s tacit approval:

The United Nations does not designate any second generation as a “refugee” except for the Arabs. In all other cases, those who flee their home countries are classified as refugees, but their children and future generations are considered citizens of the countries where they live.

Bashar Assad may be a psychopathic mass-murderer, but he’s our psychopathic mass-murderer. The type of government likely to fill the vacuum of his abdication or death will be more Islamist and less stable than his Baathist police state. That’s not Israel’s fault, but it will be Israel’s responsibility to deal with.

After Egypt and Libya, after the continued rearmament of Hizb’allah in Lebanon, after Iran’s steady progression toward The Bomb, President Obama’s remaking of the Middle East carries on.

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