Lord Have Morsi!

The people of Bloodthirstan congratulate the people of Egypt for making their wishes known yet again.

Morsi’s more popular than Obama!

With the first round of voting over, Egypt’s ruling Freedom and Justice Party declared Sunday that citizens had given their thumbs-up to a controversial draft constitution.

But a coalition of 123 local rights groups that monitored the Saturday referendum alleged widespread abuses.

And the nation’s electoral commission acknowledged that it received — and will investigate — complaints of voter intimidation, bribery and other violations.
The commission said it would not announce official results until after second phase of voting December 22.

But that didn’t stop President Mohamed Morsy’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) from claiming that 56.6% of the ballots were in favor of the draft; while 43.5% rejected it.

The big turnout in Alexandria — Egypt’s second most populous city and a stronghold of conservative Muslims — appears to have made a big difference in tilting the preliminary results towards a ‘yes’ vote, party members said.

“The democratic process in this first phase of this referendum … stresses the people’s desire to reach political and constitutional stability, despite all the unjust and harsh smear campaigns,” the party statement said. “The process took place in an atmosphere full of integrity, transparency, and under full judicial supervision as well as presence of local and international media and human rights groups.”

56.6% to 43.5%—that’s an ass-kicking! Okay, so the total equals 101.1%—put it down to enthusiasm.

You got what you asked for, Egypt—to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin: an Islamic Republic, if you can keep it.

PS: Is it too late to move the Sphinx to Lake Havasu Arizona?

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