The Egyptian Spring

All romantic songs and music, banned.

The broadcasting of any “romantic” songs or music videos on Egyptian state television channels has been banned, a state-run newspaper announced on Thursday, adding that only “patriotic” tunes will be allowed to be aired.

Nationalistic tunes “that are worth broadcasting” will be allowed on the country’s 23 state-owned channels, the al-Ahram news website reported.

Meanwhile, sarcastic songs mocking public figures will be also banned because of the “sensitiveness of the political situation,” it said.

The surprise move comes amid political upheaval sweeping the country in recent weeks after Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi set a controversial referendum on a new constitution in Egypt due to start Saturday.

Surprise, surprise. Are they burning books, too? Are they imprisoning and torturing people who speak out? How ’bout their families – are they tormenting them too?

Was Mubarak better than this creep?

- Aggie

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