Golf is a Four-Letter Word

Like “Chicago”, “skinny”, and “Constitution” (thanks to Michelle Malkin for the catalog), “golf” is another racial code word, a dog whistle that only loony leftists can ear. (Needless to say, this pool-reported material is unreported in the press.)


As the country makes its way to the edge of the fiscal cliff, President Obama today is making his way to the golf course, playing for the fourth time since being reelected.

An unusually warm Washington fall has allowed Obama to golf right up to his Hawaii vacation scheduled for later this month, when he will play constantly.

And we’re keeping score. Since Election Day:

Obama Golf Outings: 4

Meetings with Boehner about the Fiscal Cliff: 1

And since I’m diving off a racial cliff like some Acapulco thrill-seeker, let me add another word: royalty.

Say what you like about a high-living, big-spending, bloated, decadent, parasitical, wastrel monarchy, but, compared to the citizen-executive of a republic of limited government, it’s a bargain. So, while the lovely Duchess of Cambridge nurses her baby bump, the equally radiant president of the United States nurses his ever more swollen debt belly. He and his family are about to jet off on their Christmas vacation to watch America slide off the fiscal cliff from the luxury beach resort of Kailua. The cost to taxpayers of flying one man, his wife, two daughters, and a dog to Hawaii is estimated at $3,639,622. For purposes of comparison, the total bill for flying the entire royal family (Queen, princes, dukes, the works) around the world for a year is £4.7 million — or about enough for two Obama vacations.

According to the USAF, in 2010 Air Force One cost American taxpayers $181,757 per flight hour. According to the Royal Canadian Air Force, in 2011 the CC-150 Polaris military transport that flew William and Kate from Vancouver to Los Angeles cost Her Majesty’s Canadian subjects $15,505 per hour — or about 8/100ths of the cost.

In his recent book Presidential Perks Gone Royal, Robert Keith Gray, a former Eisenhower staffer, revealed that last year the U.S. presidency cost American taxpayers $1.4 billion. Over the same period, the entire royal family cost British taxpayers about $57 million. There’s nothing “royal” about the current level of “presidential perks”: The Obama family costs taxpayers more than every European royal house put together.

But they’re worth it! As an acquaintance of mine put it, she was voting for Obama to see two little black girls in the White House. She did not mean Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett, but I did: that’s why I voted against him. (No, not because they were black or women: because they were dangerously inexperienced—another code word!—or rather too experienced in dangerous things.)

In the Brokest Nation in History, it would be unreasonable to expect the president to pretend to have a regular all-American family Christmas for less than five million bucks.

The Brits must look at our obsession with royalty and pomp and circumstance with utter bewilderment. For this your lot fought a revolution? Was George III so bad?

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