Told You So!

I so love to be right!

(I guess gloating is inappropriate at a time like this. Oh well. Sorry.)

Egypt’s Republican Guard restored order around the presidential palace on Thursday after fierce overnight clashes killed seven people, but passions ran high in a struggle over the country’s future.

The Islamist president, Mohamed Mursi, criticised by his opponents for his silence in the last few days, was due to address the nation later in the day, state television said.

Hundreds of his supporters who had camped out near the palace overnight withdrew before a mid-afternoon deadline set by the Republican Guard. Dozens of Mursi’s foes remained, but were kept away by a barbed wire barricade guarded by tanks.

The military played a big role in removing President Hosni Mubarak during last year’s popular revolt, taking over to manage a transitional period, but had stayed out of the latest crisis.

Mursi’s Islamist partisans fought opposition protesters well into the early hours during duelling demonstrations over the president’s decree on November 22 to expand his powers to help him push through a mostly Islamist-drafted constitution.

Officials said seven people had been killed and 350 wounded in the violence, for which each side blamed the other. Six of the dead were Mursi supporters, the Muslim Brotherhood said.

I don’t enjoy the fact that seven people were killed—even if six of them were Muslim Brothers—but I predicted it. Actually, I predicted the pro-Democracy protesters would die. But that’s coming, I’m sure we can agree.

I’m sure we can also agree it’s a good thing that Mubarak left, as ordered by President Obama. This temporary spot of bother shall soon pass, and Egypt shall go on united, one nation, under shariah.

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