See You in Court!

So, Abbas wants to sue Israel, huh?

Good luck with that. Something tells me Israel has lots of good lawyers.

Israel is moving forward with plans for two major settlement projects in east Jerusalem, a spokeswoman said Tuesday, even as a senior Palestinian official warned that his government could pursue war crimes charges if Israel does not halt such construction.

A senior Abbas aide, Nabil Shaath, said late Monday that “by continuing these war crimes of settlement activities on our lands and stealing our money, Israel is pushing and forcing us to go to the ICC.”

Imagine the crime of building houses for Israelis in [gasp] Jerusalem! Why, wherever will they put them?

British Foreign Secretary William Hague warned Tuesday that the latest Israeli building plans would make the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, with Jerusalem as a shared capital, “almost inconceivable.”

From your lips to G-d’s ear, Bill.

As to stealing your money, some would call that collecting on a debt:

The finance minister said, “I have no intention of transferring the tax payments to the PA this month. I plan to use them to offset the Palestinian debt to the Israel Electric Corporation.”

But you know why Abbas and his Arab brethren are calling the calling the construction of a few split-level ranch houses a “war crime”, don’t you?

‘Cause that’s all he has:

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas indicated on Friday that his people would refer Israel to the ICC only in a case of “aggression” by the Jewish state.

“Going to the ICC is now our right, but we are not going to do it now, and we will not do it, except in the case of aggression” by Israel, he told reporters in New York, according to AFP.

Palestinian Authority leaders threatened this week they would petition the ICC if an investigation finds proof that late PLO head Yasser Arafat was poisoned.

“If it is proved that Arafat was poisoned, we will go to the international court,” said Tawfiq Tirawi, head of the PA commission investigating Arafat’s death, referring to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

“We will wait for the results of the investigation,” he said. “We are not accusing anyone so far but regardless of the result, we will continue looking for the truth about how he died.”

He died of AIDS, you big goof. His own doctor said so. His collection of Judy Garland CDs wasn’t enough of a clue?

But this is why I disregard and disrespect so much of international law. UN resolutions can be passed and ignored (even rescinded), no matter how insane or contradictory, until the next resolution passes, which makes the previous one look like the work of Oliver Wendell-freakin’-Holmes.

The UN expresses its opinion by majority vote. Take a look at the roster of countries in that maggoty body and ask yourself by how many of them you would let yourself be judged. Even the permanent members of the Security Council (especially them) would have me checking for my wallet and watch after shaking hands (or bowing, or kissing cheeks, eww).

I don’t know much about the ICC (except for once confusing it with the ICJ—as if you knew any better), but I reject the whole construct. Justice works only if those being judged can have any faith in the intelligence and impartiality of those doing the judging. There must be redress and recourse. How can Israel—a sovereign state, answerable only to its citizens—lay itself before the mercy of any court, given the climate of hostility against it?

Once upon a time (1917, 1923), Britain and the League of Nations decreed a huge swath of the Middle East (modern day Israel, Jordan, Gaza, and the West Bank) to be the homeland for the Jewish people. Jordan didn’t stay Jewish for long, needless to say, and the rest of the land was never delivered, either. The Jews immigrated, bought, took, and otherwise fought for whatever land they could get. It had been promised to them twice, once by God, once by man, but no legal authority ever created Israel. Jews did.

And no legal authority (save its own, which can be quite strict) is going to sit in judgement on it.

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