Detroit Red Inks

She’s not wrong, you know. Quid pro quo is Latin for “Where’s mine, jug-ears?”

A Detroit city council member is asking President Obama to bail out the financially troubled city in return for residents’ overwhelmingly supporting his successful re-election bid.

“There ought to be a quid pro quo,” said Councilwoman JoAnn Watson, according to My Fox Detroit.

Nearly 75 percent of voters in Wayne County, which includes Detroit, voted for Obama on Nov. 6.

“After the election of Jimmy Carter, the honorable Coleman Alexander Young, he went to Washington, D.C., and came home with some bacon,” Watson said. “That’s what you do,” Watson said.

Michigan officials began state oversight of Detroit six months ago to help the city avoid bankruptcy. But the city-state advisory board says Mayor Dave Bing, a Democrat, needs to move faster in his reform of city agencies and services to avert the city’s financial meltdown.

Quid pro quo, huh? What’s Latin for “Obama’s stash?”

I don’t mean to pick on these women because they’re black. I pick on them because they betray the same attitude. And they’re from Detroit. Just as I pick on Californians for bankrupting their cities and towns. And Massachusetts residents for electing someone who adopted a racial identity only when it suited her, and dropped it like a flaming arrow when it didn’t.

Anyway, since Detroit is almost 80% black, it would be racist not to represent black people when discussing the city. This is how Obama’s message of Hope went over last time, and they still turned out to reelect him.

As Egypt reminds us, Democracy can be a real bitch. It’s very sad, damn near hopeless, but it’s here. It’s who we are.

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