You Can Always Tell a Harvard Man

But you can’t tell him much.

He can’t hear you over the Wagner:

Students in all nine River Houses received sealed invitations under their doors early Friday morning professing to come from “Harvard’s Newest Final Club”—with the inflammatory statements that “Jews need not apply” and “Coloreds OK.”

The enclosed flyer, bearing a crest of a griffin encircled by a laurel wreath, invited recipients to the first introductory punch event of the purported social club “The Pigeon.”

The invitation listed three virtues, each with asterisked notes. The first principle, “Inclusion,” came with the footnote, “Jews need not apply.” The second, “Diversity,” was followed by the words, “Seriously, no fucking Jews. Coloreds OK.” And the third, “Love,” directed readers to the term “Rophynol”—a misspelled rendering of rohypnol, the date rape drug better known as roofies.

The flyer also instructed aspiring members to wear “Semi-Bro Attire” to the punch event, to be held at frozen yogurt shop Berryline at 11:02 p.m.—two minutes after closing time—on Dec. 13, or to send their regrets to a room in Mather House.

One student who lives in the five-person suite that includes the room specified in the flyer said that she and her suitemates were not involved in creating or distributing the invitations. The Matherite, who was granted anonymity by The Crimson because she said she did not want to be associated with language that she finds offensive, added that she and her suitemates have no knowledge of who was behind the flyers.

Also in the wee hours of Friday morning, two Northeastern University students vandalized a menorah on Northeastern’s campus. They were later identified in a surveillance video and will face disciplinary action at Northeastern. No evidence has been reported to suggest a link between the two incidents.

You’ll be happy to know that Harvard roundly condemned the flyers, and intends to get to the bottom of the matter. The thing about “satire”, however juvenile and offensive, is its basis, however distorted and disguised, in truth.

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  1. Dr. sipmac said,

    December 3, 2012 @ 12:56 pm

    To my astonishment I’ve found out now it is fashionable and trendy in social networks to show undiluted hatred and mean hostility toward Jews because of “Gaza”. I cannot believe my eyes with the level of disinformation showed by teens and young adults about the Israeli-Arab conflict. People I know and I care for inexplicably can’t believe that the Palestinians and the Muslims in general are deadly serious about Jew annhilation and the obliteration of the Israeli state. In such an enviroment, it’s perfectly understandable why these kind of sick “pranksters” can thrive in Harvard and anywhere they want.

    I need to reblog this right now.

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