What Kind of Hypocrite Are You?

The kind that votes to legalize medicinal marijuana—and then moves heaven and earth to see that it doesn’t come into your community?

That’s the kind we are:

Amid concerns about medical marijuana being diverted for recreational use after it becomes legal Jan. 1, municipal officials across the area are pondering whether and how they might restrict cannabis sales within their borders. At the same time, lawyers and consultants specializing in medical marijuana issues are coming to Massachusetts to capitalize on the new law.

In Westborough, officials decided last week to draft a bylaw banning medical marijuana dispensaries, but they will insert a provision setting limits on where they could go, if an outright prohibition does not pass legal muster.

In Needham, officials have drafted a bylaw to increase fines for using marijuana in public. In Newton, city lawyers are watching what is happening in other municipalities, such as Reading and Wakefield, which both approved zoning bans against medical marijuana dispensaries.

Voters on Nov. 6 overwhelmingly approved a statewide ballot question legalizing marijuana use by patients with debilitating medical conditions such as cancer, Crohn’s disease, or multiple sclerosis. Under the law, up to 35 nonprofit treatment centers, with at least one in each of the state’s 14 counties, will be able to grow, process, and provide marijuana.

Or not!

If you have MS or Crohn’s, sucks to be you! (But then, you already knew that!) We approved the law by a margin of 63%-37%; yet three weeks later, we can’t wait to unapprove its implementation in our precious little New England towns. Isn’t that just us all over?

A guy I listen to on the radio (a confessed pot smoker) said he was going to vote against the measure because he didn’t want it in his town—that’s what New Hampshire’s for, he maintained! Pot and fireworks. But he was openly hypocritical, and willingly opened himself to ridicule, not least from himself.

The rest of us are just so FOS, I just hope medicinal marijuana cures constipation.

PS: In a related story:

For the first time since CBS News began asking the question, as many Americans now think marijuana use should be legal as think it should not.

Support for legalizing marijuana inched up slightly from 45 percent in September to 47 percent today, according to a CBS News poll, conducted Nov. 16-19. Another 47 percent think it should remain prohibited. A year ago, a slight majority of Americans, 51 percent, opposed legalizing marijuana use.

Yeah, great. Now ask ‘em how many want the dispensary located next door.


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  1. Bloodthirsty Liberal said,

    November 30, 2012 @ 5:11 pm

    …”we can’t wait to unapprove its implementation in our precious little New England towns. Isn’t that just us all over?”

    Yes, BTL, that is us all over. We are quaint, lovely, precious hypocrites.


    – Aggie

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