Arab Terrorists Blow Up Bus In Tel Aviv, Media Yawns, Blames Israel

BTL has already presented this:
How’s diplomacy working so far?

I’ll just add this, from CNN

I can name tens of Muslim clerics, important formulators of public opinion in a region dominated by religion, that will readily condemn acts of terrorism against the West, but will fall silent when it comes to condemning Hamas or Islamic Jihad. Put simply, support for violent resistance against Israel among Arab and Muslim-majority countries — including allies of the United States such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia — remains popular.

Hamas benefits from that support. From radical Iran to moderate Tunisia, Hamas’ Prime Minister Ismail Haniyyeh was welcomed by vast cheering crowds during visits this year.
In a new Middle East, where popular opinion matters more than ever before, to demand that people condemn Hamas is a political nonstarter. It won’t happen. Israel’s talk of Hamas terrorism has failed to convince the Muslim and Arab masses. And worse, the label of “terror” loses its importance when entire populations, essentially, see nothing wrong with Hamas’s violent activities. [And that, Gentle Reader, is why Hitler was not a terrorist. People loved him. Notice how the author redefines terrorism, away from the victim, toward the perpetrator? – Aggie]

In short, Israel’s strategy has failed to win Muslim hearts and minds. In the long term, it cannot continue to rely on military superiority and Western support in the face of popular hostility. Israel is a nation in the Middle East, and it needs to find a home and place among its increasingly democratic neighbors. The old ideas of “we do not talk to terrorists” are not only strategically futile, but also untrue.

Can you imagine any other group on the planet being targeted with that sort of logic? You-need-to-make-your-killers-like-you-logic. I can imagine it because my parents and grandparents watched it unfold in Europe. We are a very foolish society, to put it kindly.

We are living in the Age of Obama, not unlike the Age of Chamberlain in England. There Will Be Peace In Our Time.

– Aggie

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