Arab Terrorists Behaving Badly—II

Boy, life in Gaza is getting hard all over.

No missiles:

In the past couple of days, the IDF has invested tremendous effort in locating sites from which rockets were being launched towards Israel, primarily the fire sites directed at the Tel Aviv metropolitan. The traces led, among other things, to the soccer stadium at the heart of Gaza, which was attacked on Monday morning. An analysis of the attack photos indicates that it is possible that a sizable quantity of ammunition was stored inside the stadium. In the field, Hamas still has thousands of rockets it can fire at Israel, but its inventory of long-range rockets (20-40 kilometers) has decreased considerably. It is possible that they have completely run out of the Fajr 5 or “8 Inch” (Gaza produced) rockets launched at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, which have ranges of over 70 kilometers. A total of seven of these rockets were launched after surviving the IAF’s attacks against the long-range missiles from the start of the operation. If this is true, then it means that no more rockets will be launched at Tel Aviv or Jerusalem at this stage.

No medicine:

Several organizations, including Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, the Palestinian Committee for Human Rights, and the Palestinian Red Crescent, confirmed Tuesday that medical supplies in Gaza are running low.

COGAT, the Coordinator for Government Activities in the Territories, said that while Israel has allowed a steady flow of trucks into Gaza, including those carrying medical supplies, the use of the Kerem Shalom Crossing was frozen in recent days because of shooting there.

Maj. Guy Inbar, the spokesman of COGAT, said that his office gave clearance Tuesday for 118 trucks carrying medical supplies and food to enter Gaza — but would not specify exactly how many of them were carrying medicines or medical supplies.

Several organizations said that medical supplies were already running low in Gaza due in part to the severe financial crisis within the Palestinian Authority. The PA’s Health Ministry in Ramallah is still in charge of overseeing the delivery of medical supplies, equipment and medicine to Gaza. But the PA, behind in almost all of its payments and shorter than ever on donor cash, has been unable to pay its suppliers.

No ceasefire:

Gazan rocket fire at southern Israel resumed on Wednesday morning after a relatively quiet night on the Israeli side.

Terrorists fired 23 rockets at various cities and communities in the South, with one person mildly injured according to Magen David Adom. One rocket hit a house in Be’er Tuviya directly. No one was injured in this attack.

The Iron Dome missile-defense system intercepted at least 12 rockets fired from Gaza on Ashkelon, Beersheba, Be’er Tuviya, Hof Ashkelon and Ashdod on Wednesday morning.

Overnight Tuesday IAF airstrikes and naval attacks hit around 100 targets throughout the Gaza Strip. Approximately 50 of the terror sites targeted were underground rocket launchers, the IDF Spokesman’s Office stated.

And no collaborators:

Palestinian gunmen shot dead six alleged collaborators in the Gaza Strip who “were caught red-handed,” according to a security source quoted by the Hamas Aqsa radio on Tuesday.

“They possessed hi-tech equipment and filming equipment to take footage of positions,” it said.

The Hamas radio said the men, who were suspected of working for Israel, were shot. It did not elaborate.

Gunmen chained the body of one of the alleged collaborators to a motorcycle and dragged it throughout the main streets of Gaza City.

Do Hamass and the Arabs who elected them regret what they started? I doubt it. Polls show the majority tends to favor terrorism. Yes, the majority (or the plurality, anyway). The way we favor people named Kennedy or better gas mileage, they favor the indiscriminate killing of Jews.

Anyway, if you’re stuck in traffic or you have to go back to the store to get the cranberry sauce you forgot, thing could be worse. You could be Gazan—and get what you deserve.

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