The First Casualty of War

Truth is said to be the first casualty of war.

But what if it never lived?

The Air Force has bombed a Hamas communication antenna without striking the building, contrary to media reports.

IDF spokesmen told Arutz Sheva Sunday, “The Air Force knocked out the antenna use by Hamas,” which has spread false reports of bombings in Tel Aviv and wounded children and journalists in Gaza.

The military discounted reports by foreign media of injuries in the pinpoint aerial operation to knock out the Hamas antenna.

Mass media accepted Hamas claims, with AFP reporting that the bombing injured “at least eight journalists, including one who lost his leg.” The report quoted “medical officials.”

I hope you understand my ambivalence. I deplore unnecessary violence—but bombing “journalists”? Can something so satisfying be wrong?

Speaking of wrong:

Several Hamas claims already have been proven false in the latest escalation of the missile war against Israel. Hamas staged for foreign media a man supposedly wounded and being hauled away into an ambulance, but the same man was seen minutes later walking on his own, as seen here. The BBC featured both shots and was shown up by HonestReporting.

If you haven’t seen it yet:

In Pallywood there’s no such thing as an extra. Anyone can be a star—and is.

What do the news media care? If it bleeds, it leads; if it’s fake, that’s jake.

Hamas reports of deaths and injuries are reported by fawning media although almost never verified, a tactic that Hamas has perfected and used successfully against Israel in the Operation Cast Lead four years ago.

Following the first days of Israel’s counterterrorist maneuvers, highlighted by the killing of Hamas’ military commander-in-chief, Hamas began reverting to its old tactic of reporting that women and children were victims of the counterterrorist campaign. During the Operation Cast Lead, documentation proved that Hamas hauled out pictures of dead children who, it turned out, actually had died from illnesses or accidents unrelated to the war.

Since foreign media coverage in Gaza is severely restricted, reporters depend on Hamas claims without even noting that they could not be verified.

Here’s what the media could report if they did their job:

And this:

It’s hard enough to fight terrorists, but as Goebbels was to Hitler, so the BBC, AFP, et al are to Hamass.

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