They say Egypt Turkey, et al are trying to cobble together a ceasefire.

They need to cobble harder:

Five people were injured when a Grad shrapnel hit a vehicle at the entrance to the city of Ofakim on Sunday. The wounded include a couple and their 2-year-old daughter who were in the car, a man in his 50s and a young man. Two sustained moderate wounds and the rest were lightly injured.

They were rushed to the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba. Earlier, a Grad hit a house in Ofakim. A woman was lightly injured, and several people suffered from anxiety. Since midnight, more than 100 rockets were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, the Air Force bombed the house of Yahia Abia, the head of Hamas’ rocket unit. Abia was killed in the attack and the Palestinians are reporting that four other people were also killed, including three women.

Abia was responsible for the major part of the rocket fire directed at Israel in the past few days. He was killed roughly an hour after a heavy rocket barrage hit Israel’s south. The strike was part of the IDF’s expanded activity in Gaza.

It doesn’t sound like Israel is going to wait around:

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz has ordered the army to continue striking Hamas terrorist targets in Gaza, and to hit more frequently, the IDF Spokesperson announced Sunday afternoon. The government has authorized Operation Pillar of Defense to move to the next level.

Earlier in the day, the IDF seized control of the Hamas radio airwaves to deliver a message to the population. “Hamas is playing with fire, and is putting your lives in danger for no purpose,” the message stated. “The Israel Defense Forces is moving to the next stage.”

Ground assaults are are problem not only militarily (troops are in harm’s way), but politically. In Lebanon and in Operation Eat Lead, they had to pull out before their work was complete. That’s why I’m sympathetic to FM Lieberman’s call to “go all the way”.

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